Triple Ax

Kiss your ax goodbye

Ready to open

After a few weeks of building and breathing more wood than a beaver, we are ready to open. A lot of time, patience, and screws went into building this beast. We witnessed a few miracles and gained some knowledge which I will now bestow upon you for your reading pleasure.

  • Falling off a ladder hurts.

  • Dogs are fine with the sound of saws, hammers, flying axes, drills, but not the vacuum.

  • Retail workers are not fond of bulk orders, either 40 axes, or 100 chicken nuggets.

  • Friends will not abandon you to build by yourself; after you tell them there will be food.

  • Screaming ‘Nailed it’ after drilling a screw does not count as a good pun.

  • There are good puns, but only when said by ax-ident. Whoops.