Triple Ax

Kiss your ax goodbye

Lumber Jacks and Lumber Jills (Mural)

We are moving to the next phase of our local art outreach.
With this we are going to be a little more specific, since we have a general idea.
The large wall you see when you first come in is our next project.
We are looking for local artists to submit their mock-ups of a mural they would like to paint.
Our guidelines are:
Two people, back to back pointing.
One says ‘Lumber Jacks’ the other ‘Lumber Jills’.
We would like these two to look like stereotypical lumberjacks.
Flannel, lots of flannel, an ax in one hand.
*See photo for ‘very detailed’ visual guidelines.
** Space is 17 feet wide X 9 feet high.

I would like to preemptively apologize for making you draw hands.
I would like to make it up to you and offer $500.00 for the project.

We are accepting mock-ups through June 25th.
Send them to:

See this? This is why we need you!

See this? This is why we need you!