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World Axe Throwing League

We are a member of the WATL. Competing in our leagues also puts you in the leagues with the champions. We are looking forward to sending some Fargo representation to the world championships.

Will it be you?


How it works

Fargo league nights are Tuesdays from 6:00-8:00.
Times will vary based on amount of participants.
Each participant will play 4 matches (10 throws) a night.
Scores are recorded and kept for the 8th week, where we have a tournament style.

Fall league starts September 24th.

League members receive:

  • One free hour of throwing a week.

  • 20% off additional throwing time.

  • Members may bring up to 7 guests, and use their discount.


How do i sign up?

Fall league membership cost is $130.00/member.

Members are required to have their own ax that meets WATL standards. Official WATL axes may be purchased from Triple Ax.

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If you have any questions about league, put them here!